TEA TREE & ALPHA ARBUTIN FACE & BODY LOTION - With Plant-Based Squalene, Tea Tree Oil & Alpha Arbutin - 250 mL
Pores Tea Tree & Alpha Arbutin Body Lotion with three times thicker texture to make the skin soft and smooth, white light and flawless. It restores damaged skin, and dark pigmentation from sunburn and is extremely effective additionally it moisture...
Rs. 449.00
SKIN LIGHTENING & BRIGHTENING FACE & BODY LOTION - With Liquorice Extract, Niacinamide & SPF 20 - 250 mL
Pores Skin Lightening & Brightening Body Lotion improves skin luminosity while addressing hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. The light texture spreads perfectly on the skin and is quickly absorbed, giving instant glowing skin and ensuring your skin feels clean and...
Rs. 449.00
SAFFRON, HONEY & ALMOND FACE & BODY LOTION - With Saffron, Hydrolyzed Honey & Almond Oil - 250 mL
The goodness of Saffron, Honey, and Almond is present in this wonderful-smelling body lotion. Almonds contain vitamin E, which maintains skin soft and young-looking while also keeping the body hydrated. This one's light to use without being greasy and is...
Rs. 449.00
HYDRO BOOST FACE & BODY LOTION - With D-Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid & Shea Butter - 250mL
Pores Hydro Boost body care lotion hydrates the entire body surface to the required extent, restoring its radiant appearance and velvety softness. It instantly quenches skin that's supple, hydrates and retains moisture. Our moisturizing body lotion replenishes skin to help...
Rs. 449.00
CUCUMBER & ALOE VERA FACE & BODY LOTION - With Cucumber, Aloe Vera & Niacinamide - 250 mL
Pores Cucumber & Aloe Vera Body Lotion is a soft and cooling body lotion that provides your skin with a refreshing feeling. This lotion contains cucumber and aloe vera to help keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated. This special...
Rs. 449.00
AGE REVERSE FACE & BODY LOTION - With Avocado, Coconut Milk & Shea Butter - 250 mL
Pores Age Reverse Body Lotion with its specifically formulated antioxidant ingredient helps the skin look younger and healthier while nourishing it continuously. Niacinamide and antioxidants in this powerful product smooth the skin's look for an even tone and texture while...
Rs. 449.00
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