KERATIN & ARGAN OIL SHAMPOO - With Hydrolyzed Keratin, Argan Oil & GHPTC - 250 mL
Pores Keratin & Argan Oil Shampoo restores the healthy appearance of your hair with keratin and argan oil. Intensively cares for, nourishes, and strengthens the hair strands and gently cleans the hair and scalp. It makes your hair shiny, strong,...
Rs. 549.00
ONION SHAMPOO - With Cold Pressed Red Seed Onion Oil & Redensyl - 250 mL
Pores Onion Shampoo with Red Seed Onion Oil has an excellent cleansing effect that can be used on all hair types and also strengthens the fiber of the hair strands, thickens the hair strands and makes the hair shiny. It...
Rs. 549.00
RICE WATER SHAMPOO - With Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Corn Starch & Tea Tree - 250 mL
Hair, just like skin, loses its vitality and beauty due to the harmful effects of environmental factors and age-related changes. The innovative Pores Rice Water Shampoo becomes a real lifesaver for modern women and active men. Its active formula is...
Rs. 549.00
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