Rice Water Shampoo 250 Ml + Conditioner With Rice Water 250 Ml + Hair Mask 200g
PORES Be Pure Rice Water Shampoo clears away dandruff flakes, and relieves excessive oil & dandruff-related itching. The goodness of Fermented Rice Water, helps rebuild your hair strength, reduces breakage, and makes your hair smooth and glossy. Whether your hair...
Rs. 1,697.00
Acne Treatement Combo (Facewash 100 Ml + Face Serum 30 Ml + Face Mask 100 G + Face Toner 100 Ml)
PORES Be Pure Anti Acne Combo Contains: PORES Be Pure 1% Salicylic Acid Face Wash: It works best for oily to Acne-inclined skin. It settles issues like excess oil and dirt, subsequently controlling the sebum creation in the skin. The use of natural...
Rs. 1,696.00
Anti Pollution Combo (Facewash 100 Ml + Face Scrub 100 Ml + Face Mask 100 G + Face Toner 100 Ml)
PORES Be Pure Anti Pollution Combo Contains:  Pores Be Pure Seaweed & Charccoal Face Wash: It is made from mineral-rich seaweed in Ireland, it cleanses your skin while at the same time rebalances the moisture levels and removes impurities. It...
Rs. 1,446.00
Keratin Smooth Shampoo 250 Ml + Conditioner 250 Ml + Hair Oil 100 Ml + Hair Mask 200 G + Hair Serum 100 Ml
Pores Be Pure Keratin & Argan Oil Shampoo restores the healthy appearance of your hair with keratin and argan oil. Intensively cares for, nourishes and strengthens the hair strands and gently cleans the hair and scalp. It makes your hair shiny,...
Rs. 2,695.00
Anti-Frizz Damage Repair Keratin Shampoo 250 Ml + Keratin Conditioner 250 Ml + Keratin Hair Mask 200g For Smoothening
PORES Be Pure Keratin & Argan Oil Shampoo nourishes hair and bring back the volume. This infuses luminescent shine and intensively repairs damaged hair. Keratin smooth shampoo replenishes vital hydrated and restores hair’s volume strength and health gently cleanses the...
Rs. 1,697.00
Onion Hair fall Shampoo 250 Ml + Onion Nourishing Conditioner 250 Ml + Onion Hair Mask 200g For Soft & Shiny Hair
PORES Be Pure Onion Shampoo is rich in Onion juice reduces hair fall, prevents graying of hair, calms itchy & dry scalp, revitalizes dry hair, controls frizz and treats damaged hair, making your hair look thicker, smooth, shiny, and lustrous....
Rs. 1,697.00
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